Jai Anthony-Lewis Husband is an award-winning* Animation Director with over 15 years of industry experience as an Animator,
Animation Director, Art Director, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Screen Writer, Producer, Novelist, Illustrator, and teacher. Currently, Before launching Jairation Joint Productions, LLC, Jai served as Senior Animation Director for Turner Broadcasting's Turner Studios in Atlanta, Georgia where Jai directed commercial and Network animation projects for ten years, as well as writing, producing and directing original show content for pitch to Turner Networks and Network partners.  Below you will links to samples of Mr. Husbands work as an animator and Film Director, his current resume, and information about Mr. Husband's series of Christian Fiction Novels, The Prescott Series.  Mr. Husband's Artistic Direction can also be seen as his first feature-length animated film, Kasha and the Zulu King, debuts on BET Network in Spetember 2012 ( facebook.com/KashaMovie ). Feel free to contact him at jai@jaihusband.com.
*Southeast Regional Emmy/BDA/Promax awards for vaioius projects at Turner Broadcasting